No one likes listening to commercials. Now, Pandora's new Sponsored Listening product gives users the option to forgo ads in their streaming radio stations -- but there's a tradeoff.

Instead of hearing intermittent commercials, users can watch a video provided by a brand or engage with a "rich media unit" -- basically, a gallery or a 360 degree product view. Users only need to engage for a minimum of 15 seconds.

The product became available to Pandora users beginning July 28.

Pandora says the new product has been successful in getting advertiser's messages across to listeners. "Sponsored Listening resulted in a 12 percent lift in brand awareness and a 30 percent lift in purchase intent for advertisers," Pandora wrote in a release.

Will users choose Sponsored Listening over commercials? "Consumers praised the product via Twitter and Facebook, stating that they loved the experience," the company said. We couldn't find any glowing tweets about Sponsored listening, but It doesn't seem too far-fetched that listeners would go for it -- after all, it's only 15 seconds.