Los Angeles-based trio PAPA crunched, pummeled and bellowed its way through an anthemic version of 'Put Me To Work' during a visit to Rubber Tracks In Austin -- the Texas version of Converse's Rubber Tracks recording studio, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn -- while in town recently for SXSW.

Filmed in the Rubber Tracks courtyard as part of Converse's new Well Worn campaign, the gripping performance (watch it above) shows why PAPA won over so many new fans during their SXSW visit. With drummer-singer Darren Weiss and his soulful baritone vocals leading the charge, the band creates a sound not unlike Tom Petty crossed with the Killers. 'Put Me To Work' is off the band's next full-length album, which is due out in May via Sunny Side Records.

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