In Portland, the IFC comedy 'Portlandia' tells us, the "dream of the '90s is alive." But that's not the only decade getting another go-round in the Pacific Northwest. The snappy dressers in Paradise have their peepers trained on a much earlier era: the mid-'60s, when chic Brits in slim-fit suits cruised around London on Lambretta scooters, popping pills like Tic Tacs.

These pretty young U.K. troublemakers called themselves mods, and while Paradise may come off as subculture revivalists -- dig the parkas and scooters in their

Read their manifesto -- no "bio" for this band -- and what comes across is a disdain for what "modern" has come to mean. "Their sound is a refuge from data, meetings and humans," the statement reads. "In a world of mindless pop culture, we offer you an escape from the masses."

"When we wrote this song, we all knew that it would end up the first song that we would introduce Paradise to the world; the first song we would make into a video," singer and organ player extraordinaire Tamar Berk tells, explaining the genesis of the album's title track, today's free MP3. "It just captures us exactly for what we truly are; raw, brash, groovy garage-psych-pop, all in one."
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