Paramore are still hard at work promoting 2013's self-titled album, which just refuses to die. This morning the band showed up on 'Good Morning America' to play some new and old songs, including an early single from the record: 'Still Into You.'

The performances took place at Central Park in New York as part of 'Good Morning America''s Fun in the Sun Summer Concert Series. You can watch 'Still Into You' above.

After playing the song for more than a year now, Paramore are still getting a lot of mileage out of it. It's our favorite track on our favorite Paramore album, so it's not like we're complaining. Far from it.

In fact, frontwoman Hayley Williams has pretty much nailed the whole get-the-crowd-all-fired-up part of her stage show down. She's doing jumping jacks, stepping back for the audience singalong and totally rockin' the multicolored hair these days.

They also played 'Ain't It Fun' and 'Misery Business' on 'Good Morning America' this morning.

Next week, Paramore will join Fall Out Boy on a summer tour that lasts two months. You can see a complete itinerary here.

And here's the official video for 'Still Into You,' because we like the song so much: