Scottish indie-pop greats the Pastels are releasing their first new album in 16 years, Consequences of Sound reports. 'Slow Summits,' the group's fifth full-length, is due out sometime in 2013, and while there's no official release date, we know the label -- Domino -- and have a teaser video (below) to tide us over.

"We are extremely excited to be able to announce a new Pastels record for 2013," reads a statement from Domino. "'Slow Summits' is the record we waited so long for, wondered about, pencilled in then pencilled out, and now finally, triumphantly can pencil back in… but not with a pencil, with a flourish, with a fountain pen. Because it’s that kind of record [...] 'Slow Summits' is already bringing some much needed optimism to 2013, why not let it do the same for you?"

Formed in Glasgow in 1982, the Pastels are renowned in twee- and indie-pop circles. The band famously had a song featured on British rock magazine's the NME's 'C86' compilation, a 1986 mixtape that spawned a subgenre of "shambling" guitar bands. While the Pastels haven't released a proper album since 1997's 'Illumination,' they collaborated with Japan's Tenniscoats on the disc 'Two Sunsets' in 2009.

Watch a Trailer for the Pastels' New Album