Canadian electro-rocker Peaches premiered a semi-autobiographical musical film titled 'Peaches Does Herself' on Thursday (Sept. 13) at the Toronto International Film Festival. The flick, which features more than 20 of her own songs assembled into what she calls an "anti-jukebox," is based on a similar live production she staged last year at Hebbel Hau Theater in Berlin.

Peaches wrote, directed and stars in the flick, with a supporting cast that includes Naked Cowgirl Sandy Kane, transgendered porn star Danni Daniels, electronica artist Mignon and a dance troupe known as the Fatherf---er Dancers. It's the set's design and props, though, that are getting most of the attention. Featured items include a variety of labia designs, a pair of exploding breasts and even two large exploding penises -- that latter already notorious for their ability to make the audience nervous.

"It should be uncomfortable, like 'Is this a joke?' This has actually turned really gory, but it's actually really weird-looking," Peaches tells Spinner. "It was actually done by [sex toy manufacturer] Babes in Horny, a company that makes dildos and they made me two exploding penises."

As for the story, the show's website reveals the plot:

"The story of a young woman who, inspired by a 65-year-old stripper, begins to make sexually forthright music. Her popularity grows and she becomes what her fans expect her to be: transsexual. She falls in love with a beautiful she-male, but gets her heart broken and then ventures on a path of self-discovery."

To coincide with the film's premiere, Peaches brought together much of the cast for a night of various performance art pieces and installations on Friday at Toronto's Drake Hotel, including a special laser-harp performance by Peaches and her band Sweet Machine. Billed as 'Peaches Does the Drake,' the one-off, site-specific event also featured performances by Danni Daniels, the Fatherf---er Dancers and others.

Following the Toronto Film fest, 'Peaches Does Herself' is expected to make the rounds of the festival circuit -- and then, who knows, maybe one day have its own midnight screenings, a la 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show.'

"I started to see people who came the second time start to dress up," says Peaches. "If it went on longer, maybe it would have started to have that 'Rocky Horror' kind of feel of yelling things and stuff. I think someone even threw something one night."