Pearl Jam have added themselves to the list of acts that have recorded direct-to-acetate live performances at Jack White's Third Man Records — and with White himself joining them on stage, too.

The surprise show took place June 9 in Nashville, and found Pearl Jam warming up for their upcoming Bonnaroo performance with a 10-song set in front of a 200-person crowd that reportedly included a cover of Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive" as well as a White-assisted rendition of their own "Of the Earth."

Jambase reports that the band gave away 25 tickets to the show through a special event at the Nashville record store Grimey's, where they were selling a limited run of Pearl Jam Bonnaroo posters. News of the concert later reached Twitter via the band's Colombian fan club.

The many fans who weren't lucky enough to attend should soon be able to hear the results through Third Man's Live Series, which has released direct-to-acetate sets for dozens of artists. "These shows are recorded onto one-inch 8-track tape (usually by Grammy Award-winning engineer Vance Powell) in front of lucky-to-get-a-ticket crowds," explains the Third Man site. "The 8-track master is mixed to 2-track tape at Third Man Studio and that tape is then used to cut the vinyl master, thus ensuring the recording remains in the analog domain the entire time and is never transferred to a digital signal."

Pearl Jam are scheduled to deliver their Bonnaroo set June 11. Check out their thank-you to Third Man — and a couple of photos from the surprise show — below.

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