Life in Film, a U.K.-based four-piece indie rock outfit, have had a pretty robust career in a short amount of time. With two EPs under their belt, the band has already opened for the Rolling Stones and played gigs all over the world. And now, they’re gearing up to release their debut LP in 2015.

Ahead of the album’s release, Life in Film have shared their lead single, ‘Get Closer’ -- a track that is drenched in indie pop goodness, thanks in part to producer Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs). Take it for a spin below:

To celebrate the pending release of their full-length introduction to the world, as well as their homeland, we asked Life in Film to pick some of their favorite tracks that have emerged from the U.K. Check out drummer and vocalist's Micky Osment picks for the Perfect U.K. Playlist below:

  • 'Love Is Only a Heartbeat Away'

    Jamie T

    Jamie T's music has had a big impact on me since he released his debut album back in 2007. He is a very unique artist with a lot to say musically and lyrically; I was saddened that he went to ground for so long, but now he's back with a brilliant new album and he sounds stronger than ever. The track I picked is "Love Is Only a Heartbeat Away" because it is a heartfelt love song delivered brilliantly and is a perfect example of Jamie T's versatility.

  • 'Dancing In the Moonlight'

    Thin Lizzy

    I have only really just found Thin Lizzy. Obviously I knew of them but I only just dipped my toe in and listened to the hits. After recently watching a documentary, I jumped straight in and bought a few albums. After listening, it is quite clear how they gave us so much musically, literally paving the way for so many other artists. Rock, pop ... you name it, they got it. There might be a few shaky numbers sure, but their catalog is full of great songs. This is a wonderful pop song with a great feel to it. Enjoy.

  • 'All in the Value'


    This is a live video of Honne's single "All in the Value." It's a good track but this video is brilliant -- it's all about the drummer!

  • 'Touch the Letter'

    Fat White Family

    This is just a great track and I love the production. The video is extremely weird though. I can't get my head around it! I saw Fat White Family live at Glastonbury and loved it.

  • 'Time Will Tell'

    Blood Orange

    Although he now resides in New York, Essex boy Devonte Hynes' Cupid Deluxe album (issued under the name Blood Orange) is perhaps the album I have most listened to and invested my time in this past year. The album itself is one of those special ones in which you have to listen to the whole thing from start to finish to fully understand it, but there are also some instant stand-out moments. I remember meeting an American girl at university in Glasgow who said she moved to Scotland because she loved Belle and Sebastian and wanted to live in one of their songs. To me, this is how I imagine New York to sound like.

    The song "Time Will Tel"l is the closing track to the record and rounds it off perfectly; apparently his vocals were done in one take and he was just riffing over the top of an idea he had. The video makes me wish I could pull off a whole white tracksuit like he does ... maybe one day.

  • 'Indecision'


    My girlfriend introduced me to Shura a few weeks ago, and yes, the opening drums do sound like she's been listening to too much Blood Orange. But that's okay! You're not alone, baby girl. I've only heard what is available on YouTube, but it's all pretty close to what I'm liking at the moment ... well done, Shura.