With New Order currently touring without founding bassist Peter Hook, who is estranged from the band, Hook has announced plans to perform New Order's first two albums during a pair of shows with his own band, the Light. The gigs are scheduled to take place Jan. 17 in London and the following day in Manchester, England.

The Light will be playing 1981's 'Movement,' 1983's 'Power, Corruption and Lies' and a handful of classic New Order singles from that era during the gigs, which we wouldn't be surprised are expanded into a full tour. It seems pretty silly to work up a bunch of covers just to perform them twice. The Light recently toured extensively performing 'Closer' and 'Unknown Pleasures,' two classic albums by Joy Division, the band that morphed into New Order following the death of singer Ian Curtis.

Meanwhile, Hook has revealed plans to pen a tell-all New Order memoir, likely much to the chagrin of his former bandmates. "Will I do the New Order book? Yeah, probably, yeah," he tells NME. "Because the thing is that first part of New Order from 1980 to 1990, when we did 'World in Motion,' was such an exciting period and we have so many wonderful anecdotes and stories that ... they are fantastic to read whether I make them up or not, and isn't that what a book is all about?"

It is indeed, Hooky. It is indeed.