Phaseone, a talented producer operating loosely in the worlds of trance and dubstep, experiments with a lyrical focus on 'It's Not Forever.'

Phaseone began his career producing hip-hop in his early teens and even spent some time with rock and metal bands along the way. As his tastes matured and preferences grew into a style, electronic music rose in priority for the young audiophile. With a strong taste for drum & bass and glitch-hop, as well as a highly unique ear of his own, PhaseOne gained international attention via numerous remixes and original tracks like 'Carnevil.'

Recently Phaseone decided to go a bit beyond his comfort zone on the single 'It's Not Forever.' "I wanted to do a one-off thing rooted in a strong lyrical concept, but since I don't sing, it's not easy," he told "I think the song speaks for itself and you can interpret it any way you want."

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