Toronto's Pick a Piper are every bit as colorful as their promo shot would have you believe, and they're a little easier on your ears than the photo is on your eyes. Seriously, that picture will give you a seizure if you look at it too long.

You might know Brad Weber from his percussive work with cult electronic sensation Caribou. But in his downtime, he's also released a pair of EPs as Pick a Piper, his Postal Service-meet-Phoenix (only stranger) side project, and he recently teamed up with Mint Records for PAP's self-titled full-length debut. As Weber explains, much of his preliminary writing for the record was done on the road.

"I wrote the original organ loop for 'All Her Colours' on an airplane while on tour with Caribou in 2010," he says. "A lot of the songs on this record started that way. Being in some cramped space in the back of the van in some strange city or countryside. I enjoy finding inspiration in places outside my comfort zone. Writing tracks in my studio at home is great, but it's also fun to record a random idea in an improvised space while travelling. It forces you to do a lot with the time you have."

In post-production, he was able to bring in friends from the Ruby Suns, Born Ruffians and Braids for a little added flavor atop his already seasoned, reverb-laden pop tunes.

"The rest of the track came a year or so later when I sat back down with it and started to write a few more parts and structure it out," Weber says. "I played it for John Schmersa [Caribou], and he loved it. He asked me if he could record some vocals to it. I thought the track was going to be instrumental but thought I'd give it a try. His vocal input was exactly what the song needed!"

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