Pill Hill, the latest project from '90s post-grunge mastermind Dan Fowlds, stands apart from the rocker's best-known collective, Bump. After a few years on musical sabbatical, Fowlds has finally reunited with his guitar to bring us a melancholy drifter soundtrack. Named after a quaint Chicago neighborhood, the group features friends Mark Vandermyde on organ and Hannah Kennedy on violin.

Fowlds is a man with a message, and talking with Diffuser.fm about his music, he says, "The world would be better without 24 hour cable news stations, wars, and auto tune."

In 'The Gamer,' he croons wistfully with a Springsteen-esque scratch over his tinny electric guitar. The track has a mild twang to it, which comes through loud and clear in the banjo solo. When mixed with Hannah's violin, it creates a unique Americana atmosphere around the memorable hook, "Game over, game over." Fans of Elliot Smith, the Gaslight Anthem and Jeff Hanson will be quite pleased by Pill Hill -- who listeners can follow by keeping up with The Swim Agency.

Snag 'The Gamer' by Pill Hill below.

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