Yesterday (May 28), Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and Nick Mason reunited at the University of Westminster in London to celebrate the band’s inception at that very location (then known as Regent Street Polytechnic) 50 years ago.

At the ceremony, the two surviving Pink Floyd co-founders helped reveal a newly instated plaque in the English rockers’ honor. “It’s really nice,” Mason told Reuters. “It’s recognition for something I think we’re proud of.”

However, Mason noted that, in their nascent stage, the band’s talents weren’t all that remarkable. “Put it like this: If we’d gone up for Britain’s Got Talent, I don’t think we would have made it past the audition stage; we weren’t terribly good.”

Waters agreed, adding, “We were effing awful.”

Later in the interview, Waters changes gears, addressing how online streaming has had a negative impact on the current state of the music industry. “I think we’re just as angry as everybody else should be at all those bastards in Silicon Valley who are stealing not just our work but all the work that all the musicians all over the world are doing,” he said. Watch Waters and Mason’s complete interview here.

Of course, anyone holding out hope that the the pair will reunite onstage are likely out of luck. “A reunion is out of the question,” Waters told the Times earlier this month. “Life, after all, gets shorter and shorter the closer you get to the end of it and time becomes more and more precious and, in my view, should be entirely devoted to doing the things you want to do. One can’t look backwards. Well one can — and I do, actually, and with some fondness — but to try and walk backwards would be absurd.”

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