We're happy to offer up something completely different today. Storming out of New York like a tornado that's sucked up all manner of sharp and rusty objects, Pirates may well be the only band in a genre of their own invention: fully improvisational hardcore. Established as the side project of several established players, the band brings formidable musicianship to an experiment in sound. It approximates traditional hardcore, with all its quirks, but it's completely spontaneous. None of the members have any idea where they're going, and that goes for the lyrics, too.

We can't be totally sure if these guys are part joke -- if nothing else, they seem to have a Zappa-esque sensibility to their presentation. Guitarist "Dr. Sin-a-Min," drummer Billy delGiudice (aka “Number 7”) and vocalist Ethan Fixell (aka “The Jackal”) claim to be the world's only improvisational hardcore band. They say they went into the studio this summer and "five hours later had written, recorded and mixed their debut album. Every riff, drum fill and lyric on the 14-song masterpiece was improvised on the spot."

"When we left the studio, we knew we had a masterpiece on our hands," Pirates tell Diffuser.fm. "The only listeners thus far unable to appreciate its devastating power have included little girls, small animals and grown men NOT possessing enormous members. Our fully improvised, rage-filled music is the only in the world capable of auditory homicide." Grab it below ... if you dare.


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