Most of us hope to use whatever we studied in college as a launching point to our careers. Plaid Brixx's Chris Duggan is doing just that.

A graduate of NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Duggan used his innate musical skills and school training to form Plaid Brixx. Fusing rock with synths, the band's debut EP, 'Chemistry,' sounds like something out of the '80s (the good parts) along with a little bit of '90s punk thrown in.

You can listen to 'Chemistry' -- an exclusive premiere -- below:

The EP's title track and first single is a quick-paced song about letting go of a past relationship, while 'Heartbreaker' takes a dark, electro approach to a cut about a femme fatale.

'Chemistry' wraps up with 'Here I Go Again,' which sounds like something that would be played at a robot carnival. Whimsical and mechanical, the song's range and tone reflects Plaid Brixx's at their best.