Playstation uses the hard-rocking song 'Black Flags' from Atari Teenage Riot in its new commercial for the Vita handheld gaming console.

The ad shows a regular dude sitting at home playing baseball on his Playstation, as a voiceover laments the tough choice between staying home to play games and going to work. The guy solves the problem by picking up the Vita and continuing his game and he travels to work, keeping his eyes focused on the console even while crossing busy urban streets.

The steadfast anti-corporate message of 'Black Flags' makes it a comically ironic choice to appear in the commercial. Viewers hear the heavy drums and electric guitars but don't actually get to hear the song's lyrics, which is a good thing, considering the lines:

"There's a unified axis of government / And corporate power / Lawless and unrestrained / That's what we should talk about / Corporations exploit the power of the state / To further enhance their power / And the real criminals get away."

'Black Flags' appeared on Atari Teenage Riot's 2011 record 'Is This Hyperreal?,' their first release after reuniting following a decade-long split.

Watch Atari Teenage Riot's 'Black Flags' in the Playstation Vita Commercial