Like the Killers' 'Shot at the Night' clip, Polica's new 'I Need $' video centers on a hotel maid longing to escape the drudgery of her daily existence. But that's where the similarities end. While the Vegas synth-popsters deliver a glitzy Sin City Cinderella story, wherein our heroine meets a be-suited suitor and gets swept up in romantic whirlwind of scooters and karaoke, Polica take a more realistic approach.

Singer Channy Leaneagh stars -- and shines -- as the mopey housekeeper, and as she goes from room to room, dreaming about how her life might have turned out, her eyes tell you all you need to know. In the end, she finds a way out, and while it's not necessarily the best way, it means the end of rubber gloves and cleaning solution, at least for a while.

'I Need $' -- an especially poppy take on the Polica's woozed-out indie R&B -- appears on the group's sophomore effort, 'Shulamith,' released last year on Mom+Pop.