The guys of Poor Remy have radically reworked the Radiohead classic ‘Creep,’ transforming Thom Yorke’s pining song of dismay into a joyous, foot-tapping bit of indie-folk. Having trouble imagining the song as anything other than a colossal bummer? Hear for yourself in the exclusive stream below.

Loaded with harmony and banjo, Poor Remy's version should come as no surprise to those familiar with the Ohio-born, New York City-based group's sophomore EP, ‘Bitters,' which arrived on Nov. 12.

“We didn’t ever really choose ‘Creep’ as a song we wanted to cover or even as our favorite Radiohead song, we all just kind of knew it,” the band tells “I guess through the colliding of ‘90s nostalgia, MTV upbringings and the kind of curious osmosis that Radiohead’s music has for seeping into young minds, we all knew how to play 'Creep' and when did it seemed to make us feel triumphant.”

“I mean, no matter what we say, our version of ‘Creep’ will always be a declaration of our love for Radiohead, but the song as a cover is more a declaration of our history as middle school boys trying to talk to girls, failing and realizing that Thom York told it all so well,” they add. “It’s a desperate clinging to our past in a away.”

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