Canadian pop-rockers Poor Young Things have been hard at work, touring nonstop, recording and sharing their music with anyone who will listen.

Their debut album, ‘The Heart. The Head. The End.’ had its international release at the beginning of July, and it delivers a unified sound you might expect from a tight-knit group of musicians who have been friends since high school and performed together for years.

Today’s free MP3, ‘Sign of the Times,’ the first single from the new album, is super hooky and filled with swelling background vocals echoing the clean yet propulsive energy heard throughout the album.

“‘Sign of the Times’ is a song about the new way the music industry works,” singer-guitarist and chief songwriter Matt Fratpietro tells “Although some might say otherwise, we feel like it’s a truly groundbreaking time for artistic freedom and control. The band has the power and, with albums not being the main focus of revenue anymore, they can have a little fun coming up with new ways to get their music to the people.”

“It also deals with [the] flip side of that,” he says. “Getting knocked down, but getting right back up and saying, ‘F--- you!’ at the top of your lungs.”

‘The Heart. The Head. The End.’ is available now, and you can catch Poor Young Things on the Warped Tour this summer.

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