Porches.’ full-length debut, ‘Slow Dance in the Cosmos,’ arrived in late August via Exploding in Sound Records, bringing with it the Brooklyn-based quintet’s self-proclaimed “bummer-pop.” The descriptor hits the nail on the head, as Porches. create lighter soundscapes for frontman Aaron Maine’s gloomy drone of a vocal.

The fivesome -- Maine, Cameron Wisch (drums), Greta Kline (bass, backing vocals), Kevin Farrant (guitar) and Seiva Jewell (keyboard) -- has been busy in recent years, releasing three EPs in 2011 and a 15-minute tape in 2012. It all culminated with ‘Cosmos,' and we're offering one of its tracks, ‘Headsgiving,’ for free download below.

Maine’s melancholy trill delivers some dark material on the track, which ends in an emotional crescendo. Although the song seems to deal explicitly with suicide, the singer-songwriter refutes that interpretation.

“‘Headsgiving’ is not a song about suicide, it’s a song about the power of love,” Maine tells Diffuser.fm. “It’s a love song.”

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