Exactly how did the Postal Service first come together back at the turn of the millennium anyway? The world may never get an actual glimpse of the electro-pop duo's first moments, but comedy website Funny or Die has offered up a humorous fly-on-the-wall look at fictional Postal Service auditions, complete with some bona fide rock stars playing themselves.

In the clip, several big-name musicians show up to try out for the role of lead singer -- only to get rejected by Postal Service producer Jimmy Tamborello and a helpful Sup Pop executive, played by Jon Daly. Moby, Aimee Mann, Tom DeLonge and Page Hamilton are among the rockers that Tamborello dismisses before Ben Gibbard -- his actual Postal Service band mate, of course -- finally shows up and immediately wins him over.

If nothing else, the video is a chance to watch "Weird Al" Yancovich bust out 'We Will Become Silhouettes' on accordion.