Beer and bands go together like bread and butter, but rarely do we consider the complexities of both in order to achieve the perfect pairing. Also, connoisseurs of these mutually inclusive art forms are too often limited to what's on tap at their neighborhood venue or (Pliney forbid!) the nearest arena, because everyone knows Bud Light only goes with butt-rock and bro-country. That's why we've done the hard and woozy work of compiling a list of 21 excellent brews alongside their exact album counterparts. The number is inspired by the legal drinking age, but to be clear, these are grown-people beers — an effervescent array of strong malts, odd spices, funky yeasts, friendly bacteria, fruits and (in at least one case) flowers. How to use this guide: Cherry-pick your favorite albums, load up the playlist, then hit the local bottle shop with a shopping list that'll blow the cashier's mind. Otherwise, throw the band names into a hat and try something new for every remaining day of this boozy month. Happy Oktoberfesting. 

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