Contradicting virtually every interview Ben Gibbard has given on the matter over the last several years, rumors suggest the Postal Service are gearing up for a reunion. The website Brooklyn Vegan reported as much with a story that appeared this morning (Jan. 8) titled "Postal Service reunion in the works." Said post features nothing more than a picture of the band, but a "Coachella" tag is included with the article, perhaps suggesting the synth-pop duo -- which features Gibbard and producer Jimmy Tamborello (aka DNTL) -- is headed to Indio, Calif., this spring.

Gibbard, best known for his work with Death Cab for Cutie, spoke about a potential Postal Service reunion in October, and from the sound of it, he wasn't in any rush to get the band back together -- at least not to record another album. ”There are no plans to make a second record,” Gibbard said. “I can’t say that enough.”

Check back later for additional Postal Service reunion information, as we'll surely keep you up to date on the latest Internet rumblings -- even if they're nothing more than rumor and hearsay.

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