There's no room for self-pity in the Presidents of the United States of America practice space. No, really. As the video for 'Poor Little Me' attests, there's barely enough room for three musicians and a camera, and that might explain why the song -- all about getting your heart hacked up like Pacific Northwestern lumber -- is so damn happy.

Then again, the Seattle trio is known for its weirdly chipper alt-rock jams, and in that sense, this single from their upcoming 'Kudos to You' album, their first LP in five years, is classic PUSA: a infectious cow-punk sing-along reminiscent of '90s hits like 'Lump' and 'Peaches.'

The video -- which we're honored to premiere -- finds the fellas as lovably goofy as ever, mugging for the camera as they rock out on two-string bass and three-string guitar, their signature instruments. If they really are heartbroken, they're way more psyched to be in a tiny room making music together again.

Financed via PledgeMusic campaign and recorded in a month-long burst of unexpected creativity, 'Kudos' lands on Feb. 18, just after Presidents Day. Fans can expect a preview of the new material a few days earlier, when the Presidents hit Portland's Crystal Ballroom on Feb. 14 and Seattle's Showbox the following night as part of PUSA Fest 2014, the latest installment of their annual thank-you to loyal constituents.

Check out their official website for more info, and to hear the tune they posted last week about fellow Emerald City heroes the Seattle Seahawks.