Prince joined the rest of humanity yesterday when he finally started up a Facebook page and, after hyping an exclusive Q&A session to take place last night (Sept. 30), the enigmatic performer answered just one question -- and it was about sound frequencies.

Posting on his page, fans were told to "Join Prince for an exclusive Q&A on Facebook right here at 12pm PT/ 3PM EST!! Submit your questions below!!!" Although nearly 4,000 questions were posted, Prince only graced one with an answer.

The question read, "Truth.: Greetings my dear Brother... Please address the importance of all music being tuned to 432hz sound frequencies??? Thanks in advance!!! Warmest regards, Emanuel...".

Prince responded with a link to an article titled, 'Here's Why You Should Convert Your Music to 432hz':

Prince Facebook Q&A

There's been no more activity on the account since then, except of course, for the more than 1.7 million likes it's received in less than a day.

The news and Prince's social networking coincides with his release of two new albums this week -- 'Plectrumelectrum' and 'Art Age Official' – both of which are also streaming on Spotify.

Prince -- 'FUNKNROLL'

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