Prince may have deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts last year (he’s since reinstated his Twitter), but that hasn’t stopped him from launching his very own Instagram. This was his very first post a few days ago:

Since then, Prince has flooded the account with more than 80 posts, including press and concert photos, a bunch of memes and 13 photos individually spelling out “PRINCESTAGRAM.” Here are a few of the memes of which Prince apparently is a fan:

Of course, Prince hasn’t been shy about his piecemeal approach to the web. He’s taken a semi-firm stance against streaming services, stripping his catalog from Spotify and Apple Music and releasing his most recent album, HITNRUN, as a Tidal exclusive. However, even after removing his music from Spotify, Prince decided to debut his single, “Stare,” exclusively on that platform.

Prince’s HITNRUN Phase One -- which you can grab now at Amazon -- landed on Tidal at the beginning of September. It was released on CD a week later via his own NPG Records. It follows last year’s Plectrumelectrum and Art Official Age.

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