David Bowie's longtime producer told a British newspaper that the reclusive rock star isn't dying. Tony Visconti, who worked on Bowie's 1969 album 'Space Oddity' as well as his upcoming record, told 'The Sunday Telegraph' that Bowie's health is in no danger.

“People thought he was dying," Visconti said. "He’s not dying any time soon, let me tell you.” The rumors began cropping up over the past few years in light of Bowie's absence. He hadn't released an album in 10 years, and the legendary rock star -- who was one of the most visible people on the planet in the '70s and '80s -- was rarely seen in public.

But Visconti insisted that Bowie's under-the-radar status lately has nothing to do with his health.  “He couldn’t have done two years of work if he was a sick man," he said. "He’s very healthy, he’s very fit."

Earlier in the week, Bowie celebrated his 66th birthday by announcing the release of a new album, 'The Next Day,' which is due on March 12. It's preceded by 'Where Are We Now?,' Bowie's first new song since 2003's 'Reality' LP.

The new music came as a total surprise to everyone, because no word leaked before Tuesday that Bowie was even thinking about making an album. It's been a busy week for the icon. In addition to the new tunes, Bowie unveiled a new website and announced that he won't tour behind 'The Next Day.'

Visconti also dismissed rumors that Bowie might be suffering from Alzheimer's disease. “He is as sharp as a tack," he said. "He is sharper than ever. This boy has not lost a single brain cell.” Visconti added that they recorded enough material to release another album after 'The Next Day' comes out.

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