David Bowie has shocked fans with the release of a new song, 'Where Are We Now?' and news of a new album, his first since 2003. The announcement came early this morning (Jan. 8), as the rock icon -- a recluse in recent years -- celebrated his 66th birthday by launching a new website and dishing on the details of his long-awaited comeback.

As the NME reports, Bowie's new album, 'The Next Day,' was produced by longtime collaborator Tony Visconti. Due out March 12 in the United States and a day earlier in the United Kingdom, the record will be available in two formats: a 14-track standard edition and an expanded deluxe version, which features three bonus tracks. Both can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

If 'Where Are We Now?' is any indication, Bowie's latest will be a quiet, contemplative disc far removed from the glam-rock, dance-pop and industrial-rock sounds for which he's best known. The song is spare and melancholy, and in the accompanying video (watch below), Bowie's face -- as well as the face of a female companion -- is superimposed on a tiny mannequin's body. It's not until the end of the clip that we get a proper glimpse of the chameleon-like superstar, and while he's known for his outlandish outfits and killer style, he appears here in jeans and a T-shirt, rocking a simple, relaxed look befitting of the tune.

"In recent years radio silence has been broken only by endless speculation, rumour and wishful thinking ....a new record...who would have ever thought it, who'd have ever dreamed it!" reads an announcement on Bowie's site. "After all David is the kind of artist who writes and performs what he wants when he wants...when he has something to say as opposed to something to sell. Today he definitely has something to say."

David Bowie ‘The Next Day’ Track List:

1. ‘The Next Day’
2. ‘Dirty Boys’
3. ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’
4. ‘Love is Lost’
5. ‘Where Are We Now?’
6. ‘Valentine’s Day’
7. ‘If You Can See Me’
8. ‘I’d Rather Be High’
9. ‘Boss of Me’
10. ‘Dancing Out of Space’
11. ‘How Does the Grass Grow?’
12. ‘(You Will) Set the World on Fire’
13. ‘You Feel So Lonely You Could Die’
14. ‘Heat’

Deluxe Version Bonus Tracks:
15. ‘So She’
16. ‘I’ll Take You There’
17. ‘Plan’

Watch David Bowie's Video for 'Where Are We Now?'


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