Are you in need of a soundtrack for all the Halloween mischief to come? L.A. psych-pop quartet Professor Professor might just be the perfect addition, and we’re offering a track from their upcoming EP ‘Mystics and Passion’ just in time for your Oct. 31 plans.

The foursome — Hayden Hall, Jacob Summers, Jess Imme and Scarlet A. Newman-Thomas — say ‘80s horror films are part of the inspiration behind their music. This could very well explain the slightly spooky and very dance-worthy sound they create on today’s free MP3, ‘Buffalo.’ It’s a little ‘90s R&B, a little garage rock and terrifically weird.

Professor Professor’s penchant for horror flicks not only seeps in to their music, but it also inspires their music videos. The video for ‘Buffalo’ — directed by Hall and Summers under the video production moniker Cousin Video — pays tribute to everyone's favorite ‘90s-era Nickelodeon scary-story show.

“The music video for ‘Buffalo’ is heavily inspired by the television show ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’” Hall tells “We were all such huge fans of it growing up, and we’ve always wanted to do an homage.”

And that they do, with an opening sequence close to the original and -- if our memories don't deceive us -- stories that seem to follow a couple of the episode’s central plots. From an age-inducing mirror to a smoke-breathing ventriloquist dummy, the whole thing is a bit creepy. But we have to say, the spider bite that gives Professor Professor’s drummer six arms? That just seems advantageous.

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