Ever stub your toe on a hard object and immediately blame said piece of furniture for the dastardly dactyl infraction? Don't lie -- we've all done it!

"Stupid chair! You're so dumb! I want to kick you with a steel boot!" Of course, kicking it again won't hurt the chair's feelings or keep your toe from sending hot pain all the way up to your brain helmet.

This sublime feeling, a combination of rage and horror, is exactly what we think of while listening to Psychic Teens' new single 'Less.' The Philly band plays loud and fast, spewing fuzz from their bounty of dissonant chords.

"'LESS' is a somewhat poppy song which ends in a dirgey mess of static and muck," the band tells Diffuser.fm. "It's about when you get involved with some bad s--- you know you shouldn't and then blame someone else."

At least these guys don't have anyone else to blame for their ballsy rock project. They are their own Frankenbeast -- one that causes each listener to kick end-tables in outbursts of punk fury. 'Come' is available now via SRA Records.

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