Reunited Brit rockers Pulp may not have anything new planned for 2013  -- so they say, anyway -- but at a recent show in their hometown of Sheffield, England, they certainly gave fans a quality Christmas card. It didn't hold cash or anything; instead, it contained a download code for a "present," with the warning that no, it wasn't socks. In fact, it was a download code for a previously unreleased version of 'After You,' a tune that's been around in demo form for more than a decade.

Jarvis Cocker and company recorded the new version in November and finished the track with the help of LCD Soundsystem guru James Murphy, who apparently worked his studio magic in London and on the Coachella cruise.

Pulp demoed the original back in 2000 at Wessex Studios in London. Roughly a minute longer, the new version is a dance-friendly gem that builds sonic tension in the verses and explodes in the chorus. It's lush and epic, with a bit of '70s energy. Check it out below.