Jarvis Cocker, frontman for Britpop legends Pulp, was in New York City last night to judge a karaoke contest focusing on his band's songs. That's not the big news here. The real news is that a nine-year-old kid won by singing 'This Is Hardcore.'

We'll give you a few seconds to let that sink in: A nine-year-old kid won. By singing 'This Is Hardcore.'

Yes, Pulp's 1998 song (also the title of their sixth album) about, um, sex, was deftly handled by a nine-year-old New Yorker named Graham Johnson, who apparently is a huge Pulp fan. And a cupcake aficionado.

Head on over to BuzzFeed for a clip of the boy singing the song and making some seriously suggestive moves that a nine-year-old seriously shouldn't be making. Really, go take a look at him, and then come on back here.

Bizarre, no? The sweet-looking kid in the photo below thrusting his pelvis like that ...


Cocker was in town for a screening of the Pulp documentary ‘Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets,' which chronicles the group's last hometown concert. After the showing, the frontman -- who's been known to do some onstage pelvic-thrusting himself -- judged the karaoke contest and declared nine-year-old Johnson the winner. He beat out 10 competitors.

According to BuzzFeed, Cocker said, "It was a little disturbing, but I will not forget that ever," echoing the sentiments of just about everybody who's seen the karaoke clip.

And here's Pulp's original version of 'This Is Hardcore,' if you want to compare: