Pulp leader Jarvis Cocker delivers spoken-word verses on Cédric Marszewski’s “Completely Sun,” a track from the French DJ’s latest EP under his Pilooski moniker, Isola. The song has now received an accompanying music video, which also stars Cocker.

Cocker, in singular fashion, recites a passage from Carl Jung’s The Red Book, a manuscript written by the psychiatrist after his falling out with his mentor Sigmund Freud. The song’s title takes its name directly from Jung’s writings, which Cocker reads roughly halfway through Pilooski's song: “I was ancient and perpetually renewing myself, falling from the heights to the depths and whirled glowing from the depths to the heights, hovering around myself amidst glowing clouds. I was completely sun.”

The video, directed by Dodi El Sherbini, captures Cocker at a zoo, appearing pretty awe-stricken by the sights around him while the footage intermittently cuts out in static. Check it out above.

Cocker also collaborated with Marszewski on 2010's "Synchronize," a song by Discodeine, the DJ's outfit with fellow French producer Pentile. Pilooski's Isola EP is out now; you can stream it at this location.