You don't normally think of punk-influenced rock music and cuddly dogs together, but that pairing works in a Purina Beneful commercial featuring the music of an indie band from Texas.

The infectious tune is 'Inside and Out' by the band Bad Sports. It's a fitting soundtrack for the commercial, which follows a dog named Webster with boundless energy. He chases a tennis ball inside a car wash, through a laundromat and in a neighborhood park.

Onlookers can't resist his playful spirit and charm. If you want your own dog to be as healthy as Webster, the ad implies, buy Purina Beneful dog food.

Bad Sports are a three-piece from Denton, Texas, who were influenced by the Buzzcocks and the Ramones. 'Inside and Out' appears on the group's 2011 Dirtnap Records release 'Kings of the Weekend.' Bad Sports are touring behind the album and have a New Year's Eve gig lined up at the Empty Bottle in Chicago.

Hear Bad Sports' 'Inside and Out' in the Purina Beneful Commercial