On Jan. 27, Beaumont, Texas’ alt-rock trio, Purple, will celebrate the release of their debut full-length, ‘(409).’ Today (Nov. 12), Diffuser is beyond thrilled to premiere the first taste of what to expect from the new record -- check out the raucous music video for ‘Thirteen’ above.

With an energy and intensity that's reminiscent of the Vines -- and a musical awareness similar to that of Hole and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- Purple have created a gritty, raw, rock and roll sound that shakes the foundation of what's expected from a debut album.

“It represents how we all feel on the inside,” frontwoman and drummer Hanna Brewer tells us. “Rebel, f--k you, I think and feel what I want. The song is about wanting love from religion instead of the guilt and hate you can usually find at a church in southeast Texas. I know I’ll probably get a little heat from people back home for saying this ... but I have just felt this weird vibe from churches in Texas, making me feel like I was a bad kid and I had to be like the good kids to go to heaven.”

She assures fans not all churches are bad in Texas, though. “I want to make that clear, but I have felt a prejudice against people that thought I wasn’t perfectly up to par with the church’s rules,” she explains. “Jesus went to the whores and thieves, my friend. ‘Give me love, but not the disease,’ is what the song says."

As for the video itself, it constantly builds up until the climactic ending where it, and the song, go flying off the rails. Brewer thinks it captures the vibe of the song: “When I wrote ‘Thirteen,’ I was very mad. I felt like everyone hated me because I was questioning their religion that was being shoved down my throat. So yes, it does, it captures the feeling of being a human with your own ideas wanting to just let it all hang out -- just as we should. We are all the same, so let’s party together and be friends.”

As Purple prepare to unleash '(409)' in the U.S., they are across the pond right now promoting the U.K. and European release. Check out their full tour itinerary right here.