At Radio, our genre-defying, game-changer of an online radio station, we love new music. This week, we've added six fresh jams, strengthening a playlist that already packed quite a wallop. We start with Foxygen's head-nod-inducing neo-psychedelic gem 'Shuggie,' which pairs surprisingly well with our next selection, 'Here With Me,' one of the more understated, less bombastic tunes from the latest Killers disc, 'Battle Born.'

On an even mellower tip, we've got Glen Hansard's 'High Hope,' a tune he recently performed on NBC's 'Parenthood.' Ol' Glen's a kind and gentle sort -- the antithesis, you might say, of gothy balladeer Nick Cave, who checks in with 'We No Who U R,' the lead single off his forthcoming new album with the Bad Seeds. Moving from Australia to Ohama, Tilly and the Wall raise the roof with 'Defenders,' an old-fashioned fist-pumper with a fantastic chorus: "We're not afraid to live / No, we're not afraid to die." On a similarly positive note, Mark Oliver Everett opens 'New Alphabet,' our first taste of the coming Eels disc 'Wonderful, Glorious,' with the line, "You know what? / I'm in a good mood today."

Hear all six -- as well as hundreds of other essential tracks -- by clicking the link below.

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