With their breakout single 'Simpler,' this island-invoking, dream-pop-inspired L.A. quintet gets to the core of the title. The guys in Raheem Cohen have played together for many years, having grown up together in the Silver Lake neighborhood, and when we spoke with singer Miles Melendrez, he explained the message behind the band's first bid for national exposure.

"'Simpler' is a mildly political song," he tells Diffuser.fm. "I'd say, overall, it is a song about being being frustrated with the world to the point of laziness and exhaustion. 'The system isn't working for the people it's been planned for.' It's kind of a 'can't you see?' song. People are still picking up guns and killing each other because its more legal to buy bullets than the most harmless drugs (see marijuana). It makes you kind of want to throw your hands up and say, 'I'm done.'"

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