Back in 1982, three preteen friends got together and recreated, shot for shot, 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' They did it with homemade props, in their spare time and out of love for a shared obsession with Steven Spielberg's 1981 classic.

Seven years later, the trio of friends finally settled on a finished project, which was still not completed, and titled it 'Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation.' It made quite a splash. It played art-houses. It got a ton of good press. Spielberg even knew about it.

Now the guys want to finish their movie once and for all. So they're going where everybody who needs some cash to complete a project goes these days: Kickstarter. And they're hoping to finally raise funds to film the one scene they never got around to shooting.

And seeing it's one of the original movie's greatest set pieces, it's no surprise that the three pals never got around to filming that part where Indiana Jones takes on a big, bald Nazi on a runway while a spinning airplane -- and its deadly propeller -- inches closer to the action. How many preteen boys have access to planes and big, bald Nazis?

They're hoping to raise $50,000 for the project. As they write on the Kickstarter page, "Why you ask? Because we have our hearts set on completing a childhood dream." And as kids, they did a pretty awesome job of remaking 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' But like they say, "We managed to pull off every scene, every stunt . . . except for one."

On the site, they go way into detail about how they manage to pull all this off. There are even illustrations and aerial photography. It's a bit head-spinning, but ever since 'The Adaptation''s cult has grown over the past decade, devoted fans have wondered why this movie centerpiece is missing.

There's also a whole bunch of things you can get for your money. But our favorite is the VIP invitation "to the set on the day we blow up the plane." Yes!!! You have until March 13 to help these boys' dreams come true.