Solo artists commit a lot of fakery in order to get away with their one-man acts -- everything from setting up loops to hiring backing bands. Being solo isn't really an option. But have you met Rainbow Chan? The Sydney-based producer/singer does it all herself. She's able to weave delicate bell samples, twinkling avant-garde percussion and her own perfect voice into a shimmering quilt of maddeningly good pop music.

Like Gotye, the Jezabels, Iggy Azalea and other current Australian performers, Rainbow Chan is helping to solidify Oz's dominance on the global pop scene.

Her latest EP, 'Long Vacation' -- out now on Silo Arts & Records -- is five songs of pure mastery, and you can stream it in full right here. Chan marries smooth guitars and organ thumps on highlight 'Skinny Dipping,' singing like a '60s chanteuse while splashes of funny synths and saxophone brighten up the mix.

Standout track 'Haircut' pairs a subversive bass line with layers of bittersweet counter melodies. Chan croons like Kate Bush and Little Dragon yet manages to inject just a bit of Steely Dan-like production value.

Intro single 'In a Foreign Tongue' utilizes its uneasy chord progression to draw emotion right from under your skin. It's also an excellent example of just how amazing Rainbow Chan's vocal range is.

Stream 'Long Vacation' in full below and discover a new favorite.