At the head of -- or depending on how you look at it, smack dab in the middle of -- the growing Echo Park movement are the underdogs known as Rainbow Jackson.

The dazed and confused psych-rock band is named after one of the greatest American athletes in history, Bo Jackson, and while they're not quite as ubiquitous as the multi-sport superstar, it's all the more reason to get on the train now. As the band waits in the wings for their impending stardom, they're living a different kind of dream, so to speak, sharing a house with scene brethren Vanaprasta and gearing up to release a split 7" with the buzzworthy Hindu Pirates.

And while you wait for that little vinyl diddy to drop via Near Mess Records this summer, you can rock the free single 'Flamingo Starr,' from the guys' debut.

"'Flamingo Starr' is a loosely satirical song about the unwarranted confidence that the information age has given many creative young people," Chad, the singer and guitarist, explains. "Living in a world with access to everything at the click of a button creates a giant sense of entitlement. Everybody thinks they're the next star about to blow up, but a every supernova creates a black hole in the end. And its a little about love."

"The first line, 'If you can make this better, go ahead now,' is less of a challenge and more of a calling for someone to play their part in the world," he adds. "If you have something to offer, get off your ass and make it happen."

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