Ah, the mighty Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The annual gathering in Indio, Calif., is considered by many the best American festival, what with its with unparalleled lineups, scenic location, uncannily cool collection of concertgoers (including celebrities!) and even the occasional surprise happening to up the ante. The 2013 edition could be the best yet, with Blur, Phoenix, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the reunited Stone Roses among the year's headliners, but the lineup isn't the only reason to go to Indio later this month. Check out our list of 5 Reasons You Can't Miss Coachella 2013.

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    Celebrity Sightings

    You never know who you may spot at Coachella, the fest where you're most likely to find celebs hanging out and -- if you're lucky -- getting into trouble. Stars love Coachella because it gives them a chance to chill with their rocker friends and act like normal people. We love the celebrities at Coachella because if we happen to snap an interesting (read: incriminating) picture of one, we may be able to sell it to TMZ and cover the price of our $800 VIP ticket, airfare and lodging. Score!

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    Hologram Magic

    The surprise appearance of the "hologram" Tupac alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg was one of the biggest headline grabbers at Coachella last year -- and of course, it's led to endless speculation as to which dead rock star may be summoned to "appear" this year. Chances are that the trick, which is actually little more than a pretty cool optical illusion using updated 19th century technology, won't make a return in 2013, but a "hologram" Kurt Cobain, Shannon Hoon or Elliott Smith would be certainly worth checking out.

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    The Week In Between

    Coachella expanded to two weekends last year, and most bands are contractually obligated to appear at both. In addition, many Coachella acts are also banned from announcing any non-festival concerts scheduled in California during the downtime. But that doesn't mean such gigs aren't happening -- it just means they're happening on the DL. Who knows, catching a super secret gig by some up-and-coming Coachella buzz band at some tiny, no-frills dive bar in nearby Palm Springs may be even more fun than seeing them at the festival itself.

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    The Stone Roses Return

    Consider it the New World resurrection of the Stone Roses: Nearly two decades after making their maiden voyage to the States in 1995 for a brief, five-date tour (and one year after they first reunited in 2012 for a handful of dates in their hometown of Manchester, U.K.) the Stone Roses are slated to headline Coachella 2013. Right now, those two festival appearances are their only scheduled stateside shows, so this may be your only chance to the Stone Roses in America! Don't sleep on this!

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    That Laidback Coachella Vibe

    The best thing about Coachella is the overall vibe of the thing: Festival-goers are clearly there to get down and dirty to some rad tunes, fly their freak flags and soak up some sweet West Coast sun. And since pretty much everybody has their priorities in order, everybody has a grand old time, be they hippies, ravers, rockers, punkers or investment bankers. What more could you ask for from a weekend that brings together 70,000 strangers?

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