Record Store Day is a double-edged sword. The buzz about exclusives and limited-runs drums up excitement for fans, but it also means they're liable to get gobbled up by eBay hawks. The over-the-top releases provide some people with the added push they need to actually spend money on physical copies of music, while others see it all as jump-the-shark gimmickry.

Whatever side of the RSD fence you fall on, one thing is indisputable: It gets the creative juices flowing for the people crafting the vinyl. From the extravagant packaging to the rollout of records that have no reason to exist outside of this music holiday, you have to admire the effort that goes into this stuff.

So as a tribute, we've compiled the 18 most unique, absurd and uniquely absurd releases of Record Store Day 2015. Peruse our guide up above to see this year's notable novelties, and then see how they stack up against the coolest vinyl releases of all time.

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