Vinyl fanatics' second favorite holiday of the year -- April's Record Store Day has to be No. 1 -- Black Friday, will be here before we know it. In anticipation of the day, Record Store Day has shared some frequently asked questions to help patrons get their lists in order.

The first question addressed is quite simple: Why Black Friday? As RSD puts it, "In the past, Black Friday was an American event created by large corporate retailers as a shopping day that promoted mass produced items at super low prices in hopes of driving customers into their stores. RSD's Black Friday subverts the model and creates pieces of art in the form of limited special editions, often numbers, from a diverse list of beloved artists."

It's an excuse to support music, art and the local indie shops that participate. "Cheap, mass-produced frenzy is not the goal," RSD eloquently states.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Black Friday is generally a North American event -- but that doesn't mean specials won't pop up elsewhere. "Some stores in the U.K. and Europe may have special releases as well ... it will be more about a kick-off to the holiday shopping season."

And when can fans expect the coveted list of special releases for this year's Black Friday event? According to RSD, we'll get our hands on the "gift shopping guide" during the week of Oct. 20. Stay tuned for more; we'll be sure to share the good news with you the second it's released.

For more FAQs from Record Store Day, visit the organization's official website here.

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