They've been two of the most successful rock bands of the past 25 years, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica could barely be less similar in terms of both music and image. After all, Chad Smith may get mistaken for Will Ferrell, but Lars Ulrich? Still, that didn't stop the customs department at an airport in Belarus from getting them mixed up.

On Instagram yesterday (July 9), Flea posted a picture of him leaning over a desk and autographing Metallica memorabilia. "We were called into customs officials office at an airport in Belarus and they asked us to sign a bunch of Metallica cd's and photos," he wrote. "We tried to explain to them that we weren't Metallica but they insisted that we sign anyway. They had the power. Well I did play fight fire with with with Metallica once. I love Metallica anyways but I'm no Robert Trujillo."

Earlier today (July 10), the Red Hot Chili Peppers played their last night of a European tour. After two shows in Canada this week, they will head to the Far East for a pair of concerts in South Korea and Japan. Beginning in late August the group will return to Europe for three months. They only have one more date booked in the U.S. in 2016, a headlining slot at Lollapalooza in Chicago on July 30.

The band are touring in support of their 11th studio album, The Getaway, which came out last month. But their efforts to promote the record hit a snag when, a month before its release, lead singer Anthony Kiedis was rushed to the hospital shortly before they took the stage in Irvine, Calif. His bout with intestinal flu also forced them to an extra show a few days later.

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