In 2011, while attending Boston’s Berklee College of Music, three individuals met and weaved together their passion for rock and roll into one cohesive, heavy sound. This sound evolved into the alt-rock trio Red Oblivion, who have since moved on from the classroom and set-up shop in New York City. Diffuser is excited to unveil the latest creation from the band, the official music video for their latest track, ‘My Friend Fear.’ You can watch it above.

Releasing their debut EP, ‘Simple, in 2012, Red Oblivion have toured across the globe and even represented Berklee at 2012’s Lollapalooza. Now, in 2014, the band is preparing for the release of their second EP, ‘My Friend Fear.’

The title track’s music video is at times dark and disturbing, but it ultimately conveys an encouraging message. “In this video -- direct by Alex Watson-Eng -- we tried to summarize three different kinds of insanity using the album artwork and portraying the message, ‘We’ve all felt insane, some of us are perpetually insane an this mad world isn’t helping,’” the band tells us. “Everyone in the crew was a superstar and one of the gaffers even doubled as an actor.”


The video features simple animation that relates to the new EP’s cover art; it helps to elevate the plot of the story. “We love it and it’s a triumphant feeling to see our vision come alive,” Red Oblivion explain. “We hope you love it.”

'My Friend Fear' comes out Sept. 16. For more details on the EP and the band, visit their official website here.