As previously announced, R.E.M. will be issuing a deluxe six-disc DVD box set titled 'REMTV.' To coincide with the box set, MTV will begin airing a new documentary, 'REM by MTV.' We now have a sneak preview in the form of a nifty little trailer for the feature -- check it out above.

The documentary includes clips from the very early days, where the band looks almost startlingly young, to moments from their final days as a unit where the world's weary shadow is cast upon them. The marriage between R.E.M. and MTV was solid, so this presentation makes a great deal of sense -- 'REM by MTV' will also be included in the box set.

The six-disc set  may well serve as the ultimate documentary, though. A lot of ground is covered in this collection, laying out their history in full view, letting the viewer take that ride in pseudo real-time; it's fascinating to see anything -- in this case a rock band -- grow from birth to death.

'REM by MTV' begins airing in November, and the 'REMTV' box set will be released Nov. 24.

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