Much like Owen Wilson in 'Midnight In Paris,' Alberta's Renny Wilson seems to suffer from nostalgia as though it were an illness -- and we don't think that's a bad thing. Many of the 23-year-old soloist's idols have died or stopped making music, but they were all such timeless composers that their legacies live on through audio treats like 'Sugarglider,' Wilson's latest full-length. Today, we have the first single from the effort, 'By and By,' a funky and smooth single that sounds like 2012's answer to 1977.

"Upon trying to construct what I wanted to be a 'perfect pop album' (not to mention my first album ever), I got really overwhelmed and frustrated and eventually scrapped nearly everything I was working on," Wilson tells "'By and By' was the first new thing I embarked on from what would become 'Sugarglider,' a collection of entirely new material that was not trying to be perfect, not trying to be anything, but groovy. To me, it's a counter-album of sorts. It was artistic therapy."

We think Renny nailed it on his debut -- this is just honest groove. Grab 'By And By' below.

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