This ain't the first ride on the merry-go-round for the members of Restorations. Having previously played together in the band Jena Berlin, these genre-pushing Philly punks know all about cramming into vans and sleeping on floors, and while they had no intention of throwing themselves back into that lifestyle, here they are, signed to a well-known label (SideOneDummy) and prepping the release of their second album in two years.

Due out April 2, the aptly titled 'LP2' finds the quintet stretching its sound, crossing sturdy, earnest punk and post-hardcore with bits of indie rock, Americana and even psychedelia. 'Civil Inattention,' today's free MP3, will appeal to fans of SideOne alum the Gaslight Anthem, though even on this workingman's tale, singer Jon Loudon avoids the kinds of blunt Springsteenisms characteristic of his Jersey peers.

"'Civil Inattention' is a favorite of mine off the record," Loudon tells "This was a great exercise for us in trying as many variations as possible off of essentially the same riff and chord progression. I think Dave [Klyman] is doing some really great guitar work on here, too. Lyrically, the song is about talking yourself into not engaging with people along your daily commute. Its playing that game where you try to make it to the subway without anyone talking to you, and the cartoonish goons you slowly train yourself into seeing at every turn."

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