Though the future of the Black Crowes in uncertain at best, guitarist and co-founder Rich Robinson isn't waiting around, he has been actively moving ahead with his solo career and is set to release a brand new EP. You can listen to the track 'The Weight of the Horse' above.

'Dirigible Utopia' is due to hit the streets on Dec. 9 via Circle Sound and the End Records.  The four-song EP was originally part of an exclusive bundle package offer with his most recent album, 'The Ceaseless Sight,' and features four instrumental tracks. Get more details on the release here.

In addition, Robinson will hit the road for a handful of solo acoustic gigs in December.

Rich Robinson -- 'The Weight of the Horse'

'Dirigible Utopia' Tracklisting
1. 'The Weight of the Horse'
2. 'Unchange'
3. 'White Sea'
4. 'Ever'

Rich Robinson Solo Acoustic Tour
Dec. 7: Minneapolis, Minn.
Dec. 9: Chicago, Ill.
Dec. 11: Jackson, Miss.
Dec. 12: Nashville, Tenn.
Dec. 13: Chattanooga, Tenn.
Dec. 14: Decatur, Ga.

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