We have to assume that the ice bucket challenge videos will cease sometime soon, but as long as we keep getting quality footage like the Foo Fighters' 'Carrie' homage -- and people keep donating to the ALS Association (or their favorite charity) -- we'll bite our tongues.

Accepting a challenge from Eminem, legendary music producer Rick Rubin has thrown his hat in the ring in what might be the most epic video yet, but not because of high-quality footage or a comedic storyline. No, Rubin's video is epic because it's not so much an ice bucket challenge as it is an ice bathtub challenge.

After filling a tub full of ice water, Rubin sinks into the abyss in a harmonious zen-like state. This might not come as a surprise to fans of the producer, though. In an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year, one of the first items Rubin addressed was "ice baths."

"I like to take baths. We've been getting into ice baths, lately. So we'll do sauna and get in a tub filled with ice, and stay as long as we can," he told the magazine. "The longest I used to be able to do was five minutes, but then David Blaine came over and he got me to stay in for probably 12 minutes."

Rather than submersing ourselves in ice water like Rubin, we think we might follow Ben Folds' lead instead: